Art Therapy

Art at Blackthorn can be prescribed like a medicine; at the same time, the patient is invited to take an active part in the healing process. Anthroposophical Art Therapy is aimed at the whole person and seeks to strengthen and support the inherent forces of health which have been displaced by illness. It tends to harmonise imbalances by transforming deeply ingrained habits and awakening new faculties of imagination. Each person and situation is unique and so is their artistic process which can bring about new insights and self knowledge, as well as the development of new qualities like patience, confidence and a stronger sense of self. The therapist facilitates this process and is a fellow traveller on this journey of creative discovery. No previous experience or ability is required as the therapeutic effects lie more in the doing than the final result, and the activity itself works in subtle ways to restore inner balance and health to the physical body.


Metal Colour Light Therapy

Metal Colour Light Therapy was inspired by coloured glass windows in the Goetheanum building in Dornach, Switzerland and has only been developed in the last ten years. The radiant colours of the windows arise through the presence of various metals in the glass, which are heated to high temperatures to create a variety of hues. For example, Blackthorn has a copper red and a copper blue window as well as a red made with gold. Marianne Altmaier, the creator of this therapy, noticed that some patients seemed to need colour in the form of light rather than of paint. When placed in front of natural light, the sun light conveys to the observer the qualities of the metals transformed into colour, This therapy is still at an experimental stage, with patients reporting changes and improvement in warmth, sleep and pain levels.


Biographical Counselling

Biographical Counselling aims to help people in life crises build new strength to meet the challenges that life presents them with. It supports self-development based on the knowledge of biological and spiritual laws, which organise human life. It takes the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of reality equally into account. It works with the past, present and future, understanding that the past and future reach far beyond one particular lifetime. This provides the basis for the biographical counsellor to create a space in which the richness and totality of human life can be worked with and affirmed in such a way as to liberate new forces for growth and development.


Biographical Counselling works at the border of healing and development. It is based on the understanding that many of the questions and struggles that we meet in our individual lives are at the same time the developmental questions of our time. Through a biographical counselling process a person will gain a panoramic view of her own life, widening their self-knowledge. Once the person gains a good perspective, her own life story will be seen through its transformative movements, the repetition of patterns, the forgotten talents, etc. In that way crises become opportunities for learning and self-growth.


This approach is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher, scientist and spiritual researcher (1861-1925)., who founded Anthroposophy, a science of the spirit, was founded and developed It offers a path of inner activity that leads to self-knowledge and the development of faculties of perception needed to serve others in their development. It awakens an understanding of the human being and the nature of the human encounter, the laws of biography and the challenges in individual development today.


Rythmical Massage

Rhythmical Massage Therapy is beneficial in chronic and acute conditions. It can reach many levels of the human being which make it possible in a wide range of illnesses and difficulties, physical, psychological and developmental. It brings about change, to find new development and inner growth.

Babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly can all benefit.



Eurhythmy Therapy is an active movement therapy, though well able to accommodate patients’ disabilities. It may be carried out standing, sitting and even in bed.




Rudolf Steiner was able to derive and demonstrate specific movements from what he perceived of the spiritual origins of music and language.


Musical elements and single, or several sounds of speech are given physical expression through the specific gestures brought together within a spatial choreography. The movements activate a mood and rhythmic dynamic as specific “vowels” or “consonants”, and musically as tones, intervals or major and minor chords etc. which enliven the breaking down and building up process that constitute the everyday balancing for healthy maintenance of bodily substances and general health.


The patients are shown the movements learning to engage their own warmth organism and will to bring about changes in their constitution at all levels, mind and body. Practise daily at home helps establish health promoting rhythms for the long term.

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