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Anyone can be struck down with illness at any time in their life. For some, illness becomes a life-long struggle which can result in negative situations arising such as losing a job, friend relationships breaking down and a loss for the love of life. The Blackthorn Garden is a community where by working together, individuals can find friends, security, stability, learn new skills, feel valued and gain confidence.


The Blackthorn Garden was founded in 1991 and has gained strong support and funding from Social Services and the NHS. The charity benefits from donations and grants from national and local charitable trusts, local businesses and individuals. The Blackthorn Garden assists individuals (known as co-workers) with a range of mental and physical health conditions, to build and/on or gain confidence, self-esteem, to develop and strengthen life and work skills.


A healthy work community has been formed alongside staff and volunteers. The work that is undertaken in various workshops contributes to the recovery and generates income to help the charity carry on our work. At the Blackthorn Gardens standards are high, so many customers value the fruits of our labour. By working the garden, living by the seasons, growing plants, preparing good food or expressing their creativity through art & craft work, encourages recovery.


A respect for all living things helps cultivate the healthy and responsive side of each individual, however ill they might be. In the Blackthorn Garden, illness falls into the background and the true character of individuals shows through, allowing to embrace change and re-engage with life.


Our workshops activities consists of a Bakery, Vegetarian Cafe, Arts & Crafts,  Herbs and Biodynamic Vegetable Garden.

The Blackthorn Garden - The Science of the Mind: Investigating Mental Health (by the Open University)

The Blackthorn Trust Valuation Project (by the Canterbury Christ Chruch University)

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