DWELL – A Type 2 Diabetes Programme

We are pleased to announce our participation in a new ground-breaking project, aimed at helping sufferers of type 2 diabetes to better manage their condition. The project is called DWELL (Diabetes Wellbeing).



Project Concept

DWELL is the brainchild of Dr Saskia Renkema, partner GP at the Blackthorn Medical Centre, who noticed that people can be traumatized by the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and find it difficult to manage their condition as a result. Dr Renkema believes that by examining the individual’s motivation to make lifestyle changes and by providing practical and emotional support while those changes are made, the individual will be able to manage their condition more effectively and more autonomously.



How Does The Project Work?

Each participant will meet a member of the Blackthorn Trust team in order to identify what changes they would like to make in their lives, not only with regards to type 2 diabetes but also more generally. Based on the goals identified, they will construct their own 12 week programme by selecting from options from four categories: education, nutrition, exercise and well-being. The staff at the Blackthorn Trust will support each individual as they go through the programme, whilst also encouraging participants to support each other in their groups. We hope that some participants may wish to go on to take a more active role in the project, supporting future participants.



When Will It Start?

An initial pilot programme will begin in July 2017, and the programme is expected to launch in the autumn of 2017.



How Was It Designed?

The project has been constructed by partners from the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Each partner team has included healthcare providers as well as sufferers of type 2 diabetes.


The DWELL project is funded by the EU Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It is being evaluated by Canterbury Christ Church University. Read more about the project at www.dwelldiabetes.eu


If you would be interested in participating in the project please contact either Susie or Nathalie on 01622 828 382

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